COVID Update – July 3rd

DeafCAN! continues to operate its weekly skills and immigrant/refugee classes by Zoom. Chester and Delaware County case management has continued with the majority of our work done through video phones, zoom, and some in-person outdoor and/or distanced meetings.

Our new program with Deaf Bhutanese in Harrisburg / Central PA continues on Fridays at local outdoor settings. We are hoping to start soon at our new location, Good Shepherd Lutheran In Harrisburg.

Though some prisons are slowly opening, most have been on strict lockdown for over 3 months. Any visits from volunteers, family, and friends have not been allowed. We have been trying to stay in touch by mail.

Our DeafBlind consumers have also been very isolated because most require tactile or close signing or speaking in order to communicate and guide. We are trying to start services back up as quickly and safely as possible as both SSPs and DBs are comfortable.