Case Management

DeafCAN! has case management / outreach contracts to serve Deaf/Hard of Hearing D/HOH individuals and families in Chester and Delaware Counties. We reach out and find people in need, connect them with appropriate resources and, when needed, team with other providers to help. We are available to meet with individuals, families and/or providers.

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Deaf-blind SSP Services

We train and provide Support Service Providers (SSP) across six counties. SSPs meet deaf-blind people at their homes or in the community and assist with navigating and communicating for medical appointments, shopping, banking etc. We also assist with participating with families and friends etc. and handling/understanding email/phone calls and other home communication.

Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lebanon, Montgomery & Philadelphia.

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Immigrants & Refugees

DeafCAN! holds weekly classes / supports for Deaf/HOH Immigrants and Refugees at two sites, West Chester and NE Philadelphia. Staff in each class focus on literacy (English/Sign) as well as housing, financial, health, family and other concerns while collaborating with other agencies for their benefit.

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Sign Language Classes & Interpreting

DeafCAN! runs ASL / Sign Language Classes of different levels from September through April each year. We also provide a limited amount of interpreting services within the region.

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Prison Outreach, Advocacy & Literacy and Decision-Making Classes

DeafCAN! has been coordinating weekly literacy and decision making classes at maximum security Graterford State Prison for the last two years, the same staff through another agency for 8 years prior to that. Graterford has been identified as the State prison in the Eastern part of PA to house Deaf inmates.

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