Immigrants & Refugees

These clips were taken from presentations at the DeafCAN! 2016 Deaf International Expo in April.
Many thanks to our videographer Carol Finkle – long time advocate for Deaf rights and equality, always working hard to spread the word and improve the lives of Deaf people and their families. Thank you Carol!
Thanks, also, to our video editor Will Mau.

Many refugees and immigrants struggle to adjust to their new lives in the United States.  They do this often with the help of many organizations.  For those who are Deaf or very hard of hearing, that adjustment can be much more difficult.  Some, because of greater communication challenges, remain extremely isolated for years after their other family members and friends have received benefits, education, jobs, health care and new relationships.

DeafCAN!’s  Immigrant & Refugee Program is currently the only such program in all of Pennsylvania that focuses entirely on those refugees and immigrants who are Deaf or very hard of hearing. We currently provide FREE weekly classes and case management in both West Chester and NE Philadelphia.

The focus of these classes is on the teaching of English and Sign Language.  We also assist with life concerns such as food, shelter, employment, assistive technology, and financial assistance/management.

If you are interested in learning more about these services, either for yourself or someone you know, please contact our Program Director, Bill Lockard at or 484-477-6489.  We are available to visit individuals in their homes or in their communities and provide free initial evaluations.

DeafCAN! is a participating member of the PRHC, Philadelphia Refugee Health Collaborative. With members of a recently formed Deaf/Hard of Hearing (D/HH) Refugee/Immigrant/Asylee (RIA) national coalition we assembled a D/HH RIA Fact Sheet to be referenced as a primer for immigration/resettlement agencies.

DHH RIA Fact Sheet